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Welcome to SCM

Welcome To


Our student motto:
"Truth, wisdom, and courage.™"

Our school slogan:
"The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™"


This site was opened 12/12/1999 with over 100 web pages on Gongfu (Kung Fu), Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and Buddhism.

Our goal to bring Shaolin Gongfu and Yang Taijiquan to as many people as possible has been well received with thousands of visitors at our website each month and many new students and online customers worldwide.

Thank you for visiting us.

Shaolin Chi Mantis is a traditional Chinese Gongfu school that includes Buddhism and 'closed-door' teachings. This school, which you are visiting now, is difficult to enroll in and difficult to stay enrolled in. Shaolin Chi Mantis teaches Chinese weaponry and requires loyalty and dedication.

Our student motto: "Truth, wisdom, and courage," requires our students to protect and serve their communities.

Our affiliate school, Tai Chi Youth, is a nonprofit organization with minimal entrance requirements and scholarships for youth at risk.

Shaolin Chi Mantis will accept applications from all aged students. Full membership in Shaolin Chi Mantis requires passing a difficult Initiate Belt Test. If a student passes the Initiate Requirements and submits other traditional requirements, they can be accepted into SCM through a Buddhist Initiation and Naming Ceremony held once a year. This Initiation Ceremony also includes the traditional Buddhist head shaving (boys and girls).

Buddha Zhen's MASONIC KUNG FU book details a Chinese Kung Fu initiation ceremony.

Shaolin Chi Mantis is for the very dedicated students seeking both spirituality and Gongfu.

Tai Chi Youth requires no initiation or head shaving. TCY is nondenominational and has programs taught in elementary schools and senior retirement homes.

Visit Tai Chi Youth for more information.

The Shaolin Chi Mantis CALENDARS will keep you posted on our activities, classes and seminars.

Enjoy your visit here, stay as long as you need to, and,
  "May Buddha bless you".

 Abbot Songshan Shaolin Shi circa 1977



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