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Current Class Schedule of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Beginner Tai Chi Friday 9:30am YMCA-Tujunga "VHY"
Intermediate Tai Chi Tuesday 7:00pm YMCA-Tujunga "VHY"
Kung Fu Kids Tuesday 3:30pm YMCA-Tujunga "VHY"
Tai Chi Seniors Friday 9:30am YMCA-Tujunga "VHY"
Yang Style Taijiquan with Push Hands Sat + Sun 12:30pm CV Park, LaCrescenta
Shaolin Gongfu Initiate Tuesday


YMCA-Tujunga "VHY"
Shaolin Gongfu Beginner Sat + Sun 2:00pm CV Park, LaCrescenta
Shaolin Gongfu Intermediate Sat + Sun 2:30pm CV Park, LaCrescenta
Staff Class Sat + Sun 3:00pm CV Park, LaCrescenta
Sword Class Sat + Sun 3:30pm CV Park, LaCrescenta

YMCA classes require joining the YMCA.

House of Zen and Crescenta Valley Park classes are SCM locations.

Email Buddha Zhen for more information:

Luohan Salute with Shaolin Monk Spade
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
Patriarch, Shaolin Chi Mantis


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