Traditional  Buddhist  Gongfu


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  • Front Kick
  • Double Front Kick
  • Front + Back Kick
  • Crescent Kicks


  • Single + Triple Punches               in Square Horse
  • Circle Block Punches                    Forward to Forward stance
  • Backfist-Punch-Horse Punch         Forward to Square Horse
  • Slap & Slice                                   Forward to Forward
  • Mantis Slap-Trap-Strike                  Heel to Heel
  • Mantis Block Up Strike                    Heel to Heel
  • Mantis Hammers                              Heel to Heel


  • Square Horse Shuffle
  • Square Horse Hop
  • Forward Stance Shuffle
  • Ready Stance Hop
  • Stork Plays Pipa
  • Stance Walk


  • 3 Forward + 2 Backwards
  • 2 Back + 1 Forward
  • 3 Back + 4 Forward
  • Toe Crane Hop
  • Kick & Spin Left
  • Kick & Spin Right


  • Translate "Shaolin" into English.
  • Translate "Gongfu" (Kung Fu) into English.
  • Who is Bodhidharma?
  • Who is Buddha?
  • Who is Shifu Ru Jing Shi (Sifu Steve Baugh), and where does he teach?
  • Who is Dr Kam Yuen?
  • Who is Shifu Paul Eng?
  • Complete this sentence: "The ultimate self-defense =_________________."
  • Give a brief history of the original Shaolin Temple on Mt Songshan.
  • Who is Lao Tzu?
  • What is the name of your Gongfu school?
  • What is your current Belt Rank Level?
  • What is your current Belt Rank Title?
  • What is your next Belt Rank Level?
  • What is your next Belt Rank Title?
  • Translate the Chinese name of the first Patriarch of Shaolin Chi Mantis into English.
  • Who is Wong Long?
  • What is Tanglang Quan?
  • Translate "Taijiquan" into English.
  • What is Shaolin Chi Mantis and how did it get its name?
  • Translate "Karate" into English, and explain what Karate is.
  • What is "Sil Lum?"
  • What is Buddhism?
  • What is the difference between Chan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism?
  • What is Daoism?
  • What is Christianity?
  • What is Islam?
  • What is Judaism?
  • What were the Moslem Chinese called?
  • Who was the Founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis?
  • Who was the Founder of Tai Chi Youth?


This, the most basic of our numerous Bows and Salutes, is the most practical and can be used anywhere at any time. Perhaps this should be called the "Universal Bow."


Although Shaolin Chi Mantis is a NORTHERN Shaolin Gongfu school, this short and compact SOUTHERN GONGFU of the 5-FAMILIES Gongfu style. All the Northern Shaolin Forms are huge. This Form focuses on Heel Pivots, back alignment, and moving in a level plane.


This short Form has become a crowd pleaser at performances. We added Chinese numbers from 1 to 8 which teaches all Shaolin Chi Mantis students some Chinese language. Chanting in unison while performing these animal moves of another Southern Gongfu style, 5-ANIMALS Gongfu. Each student must not only perform in the group, each student must lead the group.

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