Author, Poet and Visionary

Buddha Zhen is dedicated to the improvement of humanity mentally, physically and spiritually.  He is a gifted student who began lecturing on television and other schools starting 1964 at age 10 in San Diego, California.

Buddha Zhen empowers men and women to achieve their dreams and ambitions in life with self-confidence and self-reliance.

Buddha Zhen’s awareness developed exponentially by living a half-dozen lifestyles before the age of 60.

  • Faith
    • in each student’s undeveloped potential
  • Reason
    • science, psychology, and modern medicine
  • Spirituality
    • Zen Buddhism of China
      • No icons, no sacred objects, no sacred text
      • Knowledge is from experiences learned from
      • Shaolin Kung Fu is necessary to achieve
        • physical potential
        • mental potential
        • spiritual potential
    • Confucianism
      • not a religion: a collection of information
        • social behavior
        • family / business / political behavior
        • ceremonial procedures
    • Taoism
      • not a religion: a short batch of slogans and perspectives
      • forces of Nature
      • life force powers and development  (Jedi)
  • Science
    • Richard Del Connor was a young biologist
    • Richard enjoys all the sciences
    • Richard was a math tutor as a teenager
  • Sacred
    • raised Catholic
      • received Holy Communion in 1967
        • Patron saint: Saint Francis of Assissi
    • started studying Buddhism in 1984 while attending UCLA
      • founded Shaolin Zen, an American Sect of Chan Buddhism in 1987
        • created the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple  for free online Zen Buddhism
    • initiated into Lakota Sioux by Chief Sparrow Eagle in 1994
      • Hanblechia on Pineridge Reservation of Lakota Sioux
      • Pipe Carrier  “Medicine Man”
    • founded Buddha Kung Fu “The School for Making Buddhas” in 2008
  • Material Existence
    • Buddha Zhen lived out of his car from 2012 to 2018 = nonmaterial
      • In 2018 Buddha Zhen worked with SBA and VEDC economic councils
        • created Shaolin Chi Mantis Business Plan (create material school — stop teaching in Parks)
        • created Veteran’s Well-Being Program  (for P.T.S.D. using Tai Chi Chuan)
    • Buddha Zhen is planning to move into a home and convert it into an online school
      • teaching Shaolin Kung Fu
      • teaching Yang Tai Chi Chuan
      • teaching Shaolin Zen Buddhism
  • Liberation
    • Buddha Zhen is completed liberated from family and jobs
      • writing books of his personal philosophy and Eastern philosophies
      • writing poetry with his philosophical perspectives
  • Desire
    • Buddha Zhen has lived a content life with a smile on his face
      • living in his 1996 Toyota Tacoma truck with his cat, Kung Fu Cowboy Bear
      • peace of mind harmonizing with environment while remaining productive and learning
  • Truth
    • Buddha Zhen Shen Lang is “Spirit Wolf of Truth”
      • book:  Tai Chi Beginner by Buddha Zhen
      • book:  Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner by Buddha Zhen

Self-realization is a natural process of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

Experience a living truth, the Spirit Wolf of Truth, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, founder of Shaolin Zen.

This mixture of Chinese philosophies and Indian Buddhism will teach you to experience the truth of awareness in your daily life.