Zhen Song Dao and Zhen Ming-Mou

Online School Almost Structured – All Courses and Lessons Created at ShaolinInteractive.com

Shaolin Chi Mantis logoRichard Del Connor is building his Shaolin Temple in North Hollywood, California… online.  The Shaolin Chi Mantis Online School has been created at ShaolinInteractive.com  This website has been laid out for the entire Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program:

  • White Sash Program  (Check it out!)
  • White Sash Program + 1 Green Stripe Program
  • White Sash + 2 Green Stripes Program
  • White Sash + 3 Green Stripes Program
    • ending with the Blue Sash Belt Test of Shaolin Chi Mantis

It appears to be more than 280 video classes.  This is very exciting.  That’s about a dollar a class at $299 for the WHITE SASH classes.

Richard Del Connor is also known as Buddha Zhen.  He’s the founder of this Shaolin Chi Mantis Online School that originally contained the ShaolinZen.org CyberTemple.

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