First Post of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan on Buddha Day

Today I celebrated “Buddha Day” at the National Headquarters of the Tzu Chi Foundation in San Dimas, California.

I was treated graciously and had an inspiring and wonderful time at their annual event held on “Mother’s Day.”

They invited me to participate in the flower bearing lines that circled the courtyard with the fountain at its center.  The attitude was more like worshipping Mother Nature.  They had a large amount of female statues representing the Buddhist Goddess Guan Yin.  It’s interesting how the female Gods work their way up the spiritual political ladder.

Buddha’s Birthday (Buddha Day) is April 8 and somehow Shaolin Chi Mantis needs to celebrate and promote the event on April 8 as an awareness of Buddha and Buddhism.  Mostly, it needs to bring some truth back to the religion which used to be called, “The Truth.”

We need to take the Gods out of Buddhism.  Remove the chanting and make the prayers self-written if any.  Whoops.  That’s my Zen Buddhism and 10 Commandments permeating my judgment.  I’ve always taken that “Gold Calf Worship” story involving Moses as a foundation for spiritual worship:  “Thou shalt not put other Gods or Iconic Avatars before me.”

So there shouldn’t be statues in a Zen Buddhist Temple.

Wisdom needs to be worshipped, not invented Gods and… well, I actually spent the first dozen years of my life trying not to piss off my Catholic Zeus God.  It kept me in line… a little bit.  So I’m not opposed to Gods.  But might as well let millennials choose their Google Gods–and maybe their spirituality will be possible…

Even Buddha Day is stretching the rules… but humans do need reminders to keep them interested or investing in their spirituality.  The intention or purpose should reveal the good or bad of an event.

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